Our story began with a visionary goal – to empower MENA Investors and bridge the gap to the dynamic Turkish business landscape. Taswip embarked on a purpose-driven journey that has spanned over the past decade. Throughout this remarkable voyage, we have navigated diverse sectors, cultivated enduring relationships, and crafted a legacy of achievement.

AT TASWIP, we are dedicated to creating a brighter future through strategic investment management. We firmly believe that genuine success extends beyond mere profits; it is rooted in fostering sustainable partnerships and guiding investors towards prosperous ventures. With a strategic focus on Manufacturing, Services, Technology, and International Trade, we are steadfastly committed to facilitating successful investments in these dynamic arenas

To be MENA Investment Community Destination in Turkish Business Landscape.

Facilitate Successful Partnerships: We connect investors with promising opportunities, nurturing mutually beneficial relationships. 
  •  Ensure Sustainable & Risk-Balanced Revenue: We prioritize long-term sustainability while effectively managing investment risks. 
  •  Guide MENA Investors: We provide expert guidance to MENA investors, empowering them to make informed decisions. 
  • Help Build & Develop Unique Business Models: We actively participate in shaping and nurturing distinctive business models that stand out in the market. 
  • Manufacturing: We identify and support innovative manufacturing ventures.
  • Services: We assist service-based businesses in achieving excellence.
  •  Technology: We invest in cutting-edge technology startups with high growth potential.
  •  International Trade: We facilitate cross-border trade and support expansion into international markets.

Rik Management

Employing robust risk management practices to protect clients.


upholding the highest slandered and transparency in all business dealings ,ensuaring trust and confidence among clients.

Results oriented

Measure success by achievement of client financial goals and deliver consistent competitive returns

Fiduciary Responsibility

embracing a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of a client

MADACMarketing Agency:

MADAC is a marketing agency known for its creativity, innovation, and expertise. They specialize in marketing, design, and development, aiming to become one of the best in the field. Their services include marketing, design, and development solutions tailored to enhance brand presence and impact.

MARMARA ISTANBUL - Travel and Tourism:

This company offers distinguished tourist trips across Turkey and provides rental car services for Arab and foreign tourists. They also handle airline and hotel reservations, aiming to exceed customer expectations through high-quality hotel partnerships and transportation services.

Halal Food:

A company specializing in food production, packaging, import, and export. They focus on marketing, sales, and distribution of food products, with an emphasis on quality and trusted brands.

Middle East Logistics:

This company offers international shipping services, including air and sea shipping in Turkey, container insurance, warehouse solutions, and storage facilities. They prioritize safety and security standards.


We lead in organic fertilizer production through processing bio materials to international standards. Our team's R&D expertise creates high-quality products, sharing agri-tech knowledge worldwide. With a farmer-centric approach, we stay abreast of agricultural advancements, committed to enhancing plant nutrient sources.

Hindawi Transfer

We are spread across most countries. We work to provide fast services and keep pace with developments in the field of remittances and accounting systems. A company specializing in internal and external money transfers and SWIFT bank transfers,

ince Sport Hatay

A Journey of Development and Integration

development and programming grant

Invest in your knowledge

Fostering Growth, Upholding Values…


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